What do the horoscope signs mean

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See what the horoscope looks like, learn about the horoscope:
First of all, horoscope refers to the constellation to which a person’s birth date (Gregorian calendar) belongs, to determine the good and bad luck of the constellation in each fleeting year or even month. The constellation originated in Babylon
, one of the four ancient civilizations. It is said that there are more than 20 constellation names in total, including the 12 constellations of the zodiac, and Mesopotamia was born about 5,000 years ago. The ancient Babylonians continued to divide the sky into many regions, proposing new constellations. Ancient Chinese constellations In order to facilitate research, people divide the starry sky into several regions, which are called constellations. Divide the sky into three walls and twenty-eight places.
With the birth of a constellation, there are astrologers to divination the fortune of each constellation. And our astrologers reasoned based on the houses and constellations of the planets in the month. Knowing the position of the rising constellation on the far left, we arranged them in the order of the twelve constellations, and calculated that the celestial phenomenon that happened at the moment fell on you. In what house, you can infer where your fortune will be affected.
So to understand the horoscope depends on the rising sign or the sun sign?
The constellation we often talk about is the sun constellation. It is enough to know the date of birth, but the rising constellation is closely related to the specific time of our birth. We not only need to know the date of birth, but also the time and place of birth. . According to Western astrology, the information of each person’s birth time and place will become a prototype of your own astrolabe. The horoscope is divided into 12 houses, each of which rules a different area. For example, the first house is the house of life, the second house is the house of wealth and silk, the seventh house is the house of husband and wife, etc. Whether your marriage and love are going well, and how high your career development pattern is are related to the configuration of these houses. On the far left of the astrolabe, It’s our rising sign.
For example, when Mercury is in Gemini, when your rising sign is in Taurus, we know that Mercury is in your first house, which is your house of life. Mercury will have a positive impact on you, and you will be lucky fortune.
The fortune of the sun sign is also to be referred to, but there will be no specific field or house. It’s more of a feeling, emotional. If a planet has a bad aspect to your Sun sign, you will feel depressed, irritable, and tired; otherwise, you will feel relaxed and happy.
  The horoscope points to the future, and as long as the expression is broad enough, then basically what is “predicted” will happen. Then people who are keen on various constellation, personality, and fortune tests will also study and believe. Now some people are also keen on these fortunes of the white peach constellation. Checking your horoscope every day has become a habit and a topic of conversation with others. Believe it or not, it’s not certain; horoscopes can be a guide and reference in your life, as well as a point of support for you.
  Finally, let me say that the constellation is actually an area rather than a point. Each constellation has 30 degrees. There will still be a difference between 1 degree and 29 degrees of the rising constellation. When astrologers write horoscopes, they always follow the rising. The constellation is written at the 0-degree position of this constellation, so there will be a certain error.

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