What horoscope sign is October

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What is the horoscope for October? Check the horoscope for October:
Born in October (10.1-10.22) is Libra ;( 10.23-10.31) is Scorpio.
Characteristics of Libras: Libras require balance and fairness in everything. He’s also timid and weak, and he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t have a firm idea. Maintaining a deep relationship with others is his goal in life. They are most likely to feel helpless and will experience emptiness in many aspects. Sharing is his life motto. It seems a bit domineering and selfish to impose your own ideas on others. Libra friends should be careful about this. Most people think that Libra will be human and will not offend people. That’s because Libra doesn’t feel the need to be serious with them. Although Libra doesn’t speak a lot and has a tangled personality, Libra speaks very straight, and only when he talks to a good friend will he be straight to the end. The downside is that it is easy to cause conflicts with people because he is too straight. His love psychology is often full of contradictions. He has a keen eye and is smart enough to know and exploit the weaknesses and pros and cons of human nature. Libras, on the other hand, are wobbly, ruminating very frequently, and swinging very little. Too direct occasionally hurts people a little, but it’s all for the good of friends. For example, knowing that the boyfriend of a good friend is with other girls, he will not be afraid that his good friend will be sad and therefore hide it. Libra will outspokenly help his good friend see the facts clearly, face the facts, and reduce future harm. In this regard, Libra takes the responsibility as a friend.
Scorpio characteristics: Scorpios are very controlling and are often addicted to controlling others. They like to control everyone they can control, including lovers, children, friends, or subordinates. They want everyone to follow his ideas, and they will get angry if they don’t. Even, when they’re around people they don’t know well, Scorpios are used to being in control, being the central person. In relationships, Scorpios have a strong possessiveness, they will also have a panoramic view of their lovers’ every move and no matter what they do, and they need to report. They don’t need to listen to your truth or lie; they will be able to detect what you are going to do. If they offend them, Scorpio will hold grudges until they will not forget, and will settle accounts with you at any time. Also love to teach people. This kind of control madman often makes the people around him depressed and even scared.

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