How much do you know about Aquarius

nine of cups in reverse

Analyze the Aquarius and understand the horizontal seat:
   First of all, introduce the origin of this constellation. The gods live in the temple
of Olympus for a feast and drink the wine of the god of Nether. At this time, it was Zeus’ daughter Hebe who was in charge of serving the wine. But married, can no longer serve as a sommelier. Zeus was looking for a successor. One day, when Zeus came down to earth, he found a beautiful boy chasing sheep. He turned into a heron and captured him. The boy changed his name to Cane Medes and became the royal shepherd. Zeus gave him eternal youth, and he must serve as a sommelier for life. Carney Medes felt it was a good, always hard work. So Zeus gave him a water bottle filled with the water of wisdom, and he was later named the Aquarius in the sky.
   How do you know you are an Aquarius? Aquarius is born from January 20 to February 19. While Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the lucky stone is red garnet; their lucky numbers are 4 and 8, and their lucky color is blue-green. This constellation is often referred to as a “genius constellation” or “future constellation.”
   People with this sign are usually very observant and can summarize things clearly. Many Aquarius people have a good ability to sell or convene; such as salesmen, organizers, etc. will have great gains. In addition, Aquarius people cooperate very well with people; they can maintain good cooperation ability with people, have self-motivation, and can make progress together. In terms of health, due to the glands and circulatory system, Aquarius people need to pay attention to getting enough exercise. There are also people who are made of water bottles who have greater mood swings and greater pressure, so they should relax. In terms of money, Aquarius does not have much concept of financial management, so when you are young, you do not know how to save and waste a lot. However, when you get older, you will know how to manage, and the economy will improve.
  The advantages of Aquarius are: like freedom, helpful, hobbies, creative, love to excavate knowledge to explore the truth, loyal to their own feelings, love to observe, keen, and loving. And the disadvantages are
Not too enthusiastic, not very good at following other people’s advice, too strong personality, dead brains. The personality of the Aquarius is elusive and can become very fast. Sometimes lively, sometimes withdrawn and lazy, but in general it is very pleasant to be friends with Aquarius, because most Aquarius is very sincere and can help friends selflessly. Friends are in trouble and can help at any time. If an Aquarius falls in love with you, no matter how much you love each other, he will be faithful. In case it ends, he is still nostalgic, although irreversible; he is still as affectionate as ever. Aquarius do this to ensure that true love lasts. Pursuing the perfect water bottle, although the chances of success in the pursuit of love are not many, there are not many. But having other bad ideas is often the cause of failure. For Aquarius, spiritual satisfaction is also very important, such as lust. Sensual enjoyment is by no means the driving force behind Aquarius’ pursuit of love. In other words, what the water bottle wants is simple love that does not require the brain, but also love that relies on the spirit. If you’re good looking and you’re not a genius, you won’t be able to confuse an Aquarius just by your looks. Of course, the lustful bottle can be tried, but it won’t last long.
  Therefore, the horizontal sign is a cute constellation with advanced thinking, honesty to friends, lively and interesting.

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