What is horoscope the sign of June

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Please check the horoscope for June:
  June is a season full of laughter, but also a season of color. Therefore, people born in June have a strong curiosity, like some fun things, and their ideas will be wild, and they are very interested in everything.
What is the zodiac sign for June?
Gemini (5.21-6.21)
Cancer (6.22-7.22)
Gemini Personality Traits:
Gemini mainly symbolizes the duality of a person, the duality and inner contradiction of the Gemini person. In fact, Gemini represents not only two sides, but more real multi-faceted. The so-called face, on the one hand, can see his breadth; on the other hand, it also implies possible superficiality. They are very curious and sensitive to new things. They are easy to adapt to new environments and have a deeper interaction with people. Geminis are very professional and hope to work at a higher level, but remember not to rush for quick success, don’t just look at the immediate interests, now is the time to work hard, not the time to want results.
Cancer Personality Traits:
The Cancer pattern is related to the chest, which means that Cancer will be related to a person’s mind, such as jealousy and envy. It can be guessed from the myth of Cancer that Cancer is mainly related to the size and tolerance of a person’s heart. Cancer’s psychological changes are unique and strange, so Cancer has a strong protective shell. Therefore, it is said that Cancer people have a     Cancer’s carapace, and it can be seen that Cancer has the characteristics of self-protection and the habit of hiding small emotions. This is the fourth constellation in the zodiac. Cancers also have a variety of positive traits. They are full of love, cautious, persistent, show great concern for their relatives, and even care too much causing some unnecessary misunderstandings. Cancer people are hard on the outside, have a protective shell but are very soft on the inside. Build a protective wall for your own psychology, so that you will not be hurt, but you will show softness to those you love. If you are hostile to Cancer, then you won’t see the Cancer revealing his heart to you.

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