What horoscope is a water sign

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Some explanations about the water constellation:
The water sign is the name of the constellation. “Water” is a liquid element. There are many things and meanings related to water. For example, water is the source of life and the most abundant resource on the earth. We have the earth, which is also called water polo. Water is an element representing summer in the four seasons, inheriting the vitality representing spring and the beginning of all life, as an existence representing the beginning.
Characteristics of the water constellation:
People with water signs understand the world by feeling. Emotions have always been the highest priority in their lives. Most water signs are compassionate and empathetic, so they feel hurt when others don’t treat them like that. Compared with earth signs, they can be more spontaneous; but beware of excessive or too demanding. People with water signs are usually very affectionate, especially when it comes to love; it is difficult to hold a detached attitude.
Water signs:
Aquarius people are emotional, soft and romantic at heart. Water signs include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The constellation symbol of Cancer is like a cute little crab running rampant, and the ruler is the moon. The zodiac sign of Scorpio looks like a poisonous scorpion with its tail up, ruled by Pluto. The zodiac sign of Pisces is two crescent-shaped arcs connected by a straight line in the middle. It looks like two fishes tied together, one going upstream and the other downstream, ruled by Neptune . These three animals either grow in secret places, or live near or under water, from which we can also see the special tendencies and characteristics of these three constellations. It is not difficult to imagine the water element family, in the vast ocean; they are like a duck to water.
  The water element family is sensitive, intuitive, and guided by a strong subconscious mind. They feel and touch people’s hearts, and they know how to see people’s inner thoughts and solve other people’s difficulties and concerns.
The basic, water sign of Cancer presents the simplest and most basic form. Good at protecting themselves and others, like crabs, always looking for a secret place to live and show their hard shell to others. The Scorpio looks very sexy, and has a volcanic boundless energy. They are very possessive, want to get everything, and will not tolerate others competing with him. Likewise, Scorpios will suddenly and relentlessly fight back when disturbed. Pisces can sometimes be overly flexible and accommodating. Pisces people are very emotional, they won’t express it too obviously, and they won’t share their emotions. They have to protect their mystery and charm.

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