Some Tips for Taurus horoscope

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Let’s talk about Taurus horoscope:
One of the zodiac constellations of Taurus horoscope, and the 17th largest among the 88 constellations in the sky. There are some Tauriids that occur every November; the Beta Tauriids occur in June and July, as well as the Northern and Southern Tauriids, which run around October 18th to November 10th. In the ancient Babylonian epic “Gilgamesh”, Ishtar, the goddess of the harvest, kills Gilgamesh because Gilgamesh rejects her marriage proposal. Gilgamesh’s friend Enkidu and Gilgamesh defeated the bull together and tore off the bull’s hind limbs. Some people think that Gilgamesh later became the image of Orion.
Taurus horoscope man
Taurus horoscope men are always in a hurry, practical and diligent. He has always shown people with a steady and generous face. The Taurus horoscope man is gentle and submissive, loves peace, advocates harmony, has a calm personality, and always thinks twice before acting. Tends to be conservative, stubborn and stubborn, often referred to as a die-hard who doesn’t understand flexibility.
The Taurus horoscope man has a bit of a woman’s kindness, but his temper is quite irritable. When he gets angry, he can’t control it.
Taurus horoscope is very patient, until the day when it can no longer be tolerated; Taurus horoscope completely loses confidence in this relationship, and then disappears into each other’s world.
Taurus horoscope woman
Natural and kind, gentle and submissive personality, love cleanliness, has the belief to resist hypocrisy and lies, and widely influence others. Whatever you do, you have your own ideas and keep your promises. Taurus horoscope is hard-working and likable no matter what he does, and friends will love to communicate with him. Taurus horoscope women yearn for beautiful things and have an excellent ability to arrange life in a pleasant and pleasant way. In my own room, all my life. Taurus horoscope women are extremely possessive and cannot know that a friend betrays them or is on the side of others. The peace-loving Taurus horoscope woman is downright sensual, always enjoying life at ease.
Taurus horoscope personality traits
1. Diligent and practical
2. Good at financial management
3. Diligent and diligent
Taurus horoscope personality flaws
1. Stubborn, insist on self
2. Too much emphasis on money and stingy savings
3. I don’t know how to change, and compare a tendon.

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