Is the horoscope accurate? Is it believable?

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The accuracy of horoscope numerology, can it be trusted:
Horoscope is very popular among young people, and you will often see this word no matter where you are. Before doing anything, check your horoscope. Is horoscope science or what? Is it right?
First of all, astrology has existed from ancient times to the present, since China in the East. It is people’s exploration of life and nature. There were special astrologers in the ancient palace, and Zhuge Liang and other advisors all knew the astrology, and their legends were also left in history.
As for the popular constellation divination, it is more derived from the Western Babylonians, but they are used for divination and destiny.
Astrologers believe that when each person is born, every large or small planet in the solar system will be affected, because the angle and distance of the movement are different, so it has a significant impact; each planet is associated with the corresponding 12 horoscope. Cause and effect, all have different effects on the idiosyncratic part of a person, and when these planets move; each individual’s idiosyncrasies are revealed.
Horoscope is like a big industry; of course there are some magnetic field therapy, tarot cards and the like. Just like a placebo, when people are uncomfortable, they mainly look at reading horoscope and seem to be comfortable immediately. Horoscope sometimes feels very accurate, and this is based on experimental and psychological effects.
1. Barnum effect
The Barnum effect (also called the astrological effect) is a psychological phenomenon proved by the psychologist Bertram Fowler through experiments in 1948, named after the Za Barnum, this effect means:
It’s easy for everyone to believe that a general, general personality description is especially suitable for him. Even if this description is very empty, they still think it reflects their own personality, even if they are not such a person at all, it can be said that people will only selectively remember the description that they think is right, such as 10 sentences in a paragraph, maybe 3 sentences If it really fits your personality, you will feel very accurate.
2. Pygmalion Effect
It was verified by the famous American psychologists Rosenthal and Jacobson in primary school teaching.
This effect means that people’s emotions and ideas are somewhat subconsciously influenced by others. People unconsciously accept the influence and cues of people they like, admire, trust and admire. In other words: You will become what other people (especially authorities such as parents, teachers, etc.) think you should be.
  The description in the horoscope implies that you are such a person, with such advantages or disadvantages; it seems that you can match the number immediately, and it is your feeling.
Of course, these effects also tell us that as long as we have confident expectations, as long as we truly believe that things will go well, things will go well. These horoscope are the time for you to move forward and change your mind.

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