Explanation of Gemini astrology

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Open up your understanding of Gemini astrology:
Gemini, also known as the sign of the twins, is the third sign of the zodiac, according to Lluís Marquet. The sun passes through it between May 21st and June 21st, so it depends on the time of day. This constellation is ruled by Mercury, which is colored yellow with a few gray ranges. Twin personality archetypes are associated with capriciousness, youthful enthusiasm, curiosity and gossip, ingenuity.
 The associated planet in Gemini is Mercury, which also corresponds to the stage in which we are eager to explore our surroundings, we begin to learn to crawl and walk, and we begin to establish our independence.
Gemini astrology will say that the appearance of Gemini is full of wisdom and makes people feel lively and energetic. The oval face is very soft, and the facial features are rarely exaggerated. The character is changeable, there are two aspects of attitude, and there is a dual personality, but also because of the changeable charm, it attracts the opposite sex.
Gemini astrology also said that the advantages of Gemini are: adaptable, witty, agile, like busy and changing, active, lively and talkative, intelligent and versatile.
Disadvantages: Suspicion, fickle, dual personality, impatient, cunning, restless, long-winded.
Gemini astrology also talks about the character of Gemini: Gemini people love change, it is impossible to do only one thing at the same time, change from five to six, and be absent-minded. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is the god of messengers, which stimulates wisdom, but also makes people picky and nervous; but Gemini masters communication, so Gemini people are good at getting along with others. Gemini’s can talk non-stop, and the best way to have a relationship with them is to chat. Sometimes you may encounter in Gemini daily astrology that it is not appropriate for Gemini to confess today, because in your performance, you will feel that you are a careless person, in fact, Gemini is not like this.
Gemini astrology also shows that as Gemini parents are quite enlightened, in addition to a wide range of interests, can also give children a variety of inspiration. They will buy a lot of books when their children are young, and use words of encouragement from time to time to improve their children’s interest in learning.
Gemini astrology also mentioned that as a child of Gemini, the degree of fascination with books is like other children eating snacks, with relish and enjoyment. However, people with this constellation read books, they are easy to read and browse through the middle, and often give up halfway. Parents should give appropriate corrections to this anticlimactic problem from a young age, and cultivate patience to follow through.
Gemini astrology has such a saying about love, when you are with you, your rhetoric does make your lover burst into ecstasy, but who knows that you are only telling these lies for your own amusement. The saddest thing is that after a breakup, you who are eloquent and eloquent can easily get your hands on the person you like, but the change is so fast that you can’t even figure out what it is.
In Gemini astrology, career is also mentioned. In the face of career management, Gemini is not used to staying in one position or a position for too long. Gemini’s have their own ideas, although they do not want to use their talents to fill others. The vanity, but sometimes the sophistication must be taken into account; otherwise it is yourself who suffers.

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